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#AskAliK – Where is the Keep Faces Together option in Autodesk Maya 2015


In this session of #AskAliK I dive into maya and solve the disappearance of the “Keep Faces Together” extrude option.

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#AskAliK How To Create An Infinite Plane Floor In Maya


In this episode of #AskAlik I take on the task of create an infinite plane inside Maya, much like the Grey Scale Gorilla tutorial made by nick campbell in Cinema 4D.

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How to Create Cascading Text Effect in Maya


In this tutorial i go through the ins and outs of how to create a cascading text effect similar to Nick Campbell of Grey Scale Gorilla’s tutorial in cinema4d.

I will be teaching you how to create cinema 4d style shaders inside maya, using the node editor and hypershade, we will also cover image based lighting setup in maya, some basic final gather and lighting and finally how to create an infinite plane floor inside maya.

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