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#AskAliK – How To Create The Ken Burns Effect In Premiere Pro


In this tutorial recreate the kens burns effect inside premiere pro.

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#AskAliK – How do i recover deleted audio from timeline clips?


Ever deleted a audio clip in the timeline, on to later realise that you actually needed it, well in this video I go through the steps, to help you recover deleted audio from inside the timeline.

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2D animation using AfterEffects


Its been months since I’ve updated my blog, it has been quite frustrating, been busy with work and, had a huge catastrophe with my HDD which got fu*ked up.. ended up losing all my data , well iv kinda recreated most of the stuff again, and I promise to start updating the blog for you.

To start I have been going through a phase trying to learn 2D animation using after effects, not going all that well as I don’t know anything of character animation, rigging or creating the character. BUT!! As iv been searching through the world wide web iv come across a number of amazing tutorials and plugins, which I have kindly put together for you to go through.

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How to use right to left languages in illustrator


In This quick tip, i am going to show you how to use world languages like arabic, hebrew, etc inside of illustrator without the need to purchase the Middle Eastern version of Adobe.

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