#AskAliK – Where is the Keep Faces Together option in Autodesk Maya 2015


In this session of #AskAliK I dive into maya and solve the disappearance of the “Keep Faces Together” extrude option.

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#AskAliK – How To Create The Ken Burns Effect In Premiere Pro


In this tutorial recreate the kens burns effect inside premiere pro.

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#AskAliK How To Create An Infinite Plane Floor In Maya


In this episode of #AskAlik I take on the task of create an infinite plane inside Maya, much like the Grey Scale Gorilla tutorial made by nick campbell in Cinema 4D.

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How to Create Cascading Text Effect in Maya


In this tutorial i go through the ins and outs of how to create a cascading text effect similar to Nick Campbell of Grey Scale Gorilla’s tutorial in cinema4d.

I will be teaching you how to create cinema 4d style shaders inside maya, using the node editor and hypershade, we will also cover image based lighting setup in maya, some basic final gather and lighting and finally how to create an infinite plane floor inside maya.

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#AskAliK – How do i recover deleted audio from timeline clips?


Ever deleted a audio clip in the timeline, on to later realise that you actually needed it, well in this video I go through the steps, to help you recover deleted audio from inside the timeline.

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Revival of Alinspired


This vlog post is an update on the revival of alinspired.com, now i will be uploading tutorials every friday, they will range from various 3D tasks, to vfx compositing, to editing, photography, etc.

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2D animation using AfterEffects


Its been months since I’ve updated my blog, it has been quite frustrating, been busy with work and, had a huge catastrophe with my HDD which got fu*ked up.. ended up losing all my data , well iv kinda recreated most of the stuff again, and I promise to start updating the blog for you.

To start I have been going through a phase trying to learn 2D animation using after effects, not going all that well as I don’t know anything of character animation, rigging or creating the character. BUT!! As iv been searching through the world wide web iv come across a number of amazing tutorials and plugins, which I have kindly put together for you to go through.

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How to use right to left languages in illustrator


In This quick tip, i am going to show you how to use world languages like arabic, hebrew, etc inside of illustrator without the need to purchase the Middle Eastern version of Adobe.

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Welcome to alinspired.com. I created this website to help teach and inspire amateur and professional designers. Also I love to try things out, so this blog will give me the opportunity to share my findings as well as help other designers with problems. Finally, if any of you have any questions feel free to send me an email. Also, with any new site comes little problems. If you see anything on the site that isn’t working or should work a different way, feel free to comment on this post. Thanks for visiting. come back soon.